Meet Georgia

Hi, I'm Georgia

I'm a New Jersey/New York native, who is now living the sunny life in Florida. Here with my husband, our cat, and our adorable dog, I also brought along my love for design. I have always considered myself a "do it yourself-er"; from being fascinated with what goes into making something, there's nothing quite like the behind the scenes magic. Also, the self-gratification I would feel after manufacturing something on my own was worth the challenge.

I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I majored in Production Management. There, I learned the ins and outs of the production process of the fashion industry. Further expanding my learning experience, I interned at companies like Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs. It was a lot of hard work but the knowledge gained was all worth it. Post graduation, I landed a job at Ralph Lauren in the women's production departments. After almost three years of the daily "grind", I realized I was living to work, and decided I won't spend any more of my life in this constant circle of corporate America. So I risked it -- I quit. After seven years in Manhattan, I left.

After enrolling in metal-smithing classes, I finally realized I had been suppressing my creativity for so many years. What makes me happy is creating handmade products to enhance the everyday life. The little things are what makes us happy, and I wanted to be the person behind these little things to make for you.


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